illusion I

Lightning Whelk (group exhibition) at the Castle Rockaway, New York. July 14 – Aug 5, 2018.

Sound installation of founded objects Yenting Hsu collected from the Rockaway Beach, and sounds of the beach and waves. Recorded sounds are transformed with various textures of objects. The work responds to the relationship between human beings and the nature. Pondering between real and surreal perception.

Medium: Founded objects, Audio exciters, Amplifier, Stereo sound


Cycle/Recycle (work in progress)

Following the theme of my creation in recent years – Existence and Disappearance,
I am thinking about how to practice Law of conservation of energy in a sound installation or performance.
In my residency at ISCP in NYC, I used recyclable found objects from Brooklyn and try to build a recyclable sounds.
But what is recyclable?

*A work in progress project developed from ISCP residency in New York, from March to July, 2018. Photos are taken in Open Studio event in April 28-29.

態——實驗中 TAI – in development

Ongoing project // Inspired by short residency program in Chong-Ching, China, hosted by Yinzi Theatre.

How does time flow? Is it linear?
The existence and elimination. Which is real? Which is void?
We might notice everything better while it is disappearing.
Where does energy go?
We try to experiment on wind, sound, objects, and ourselves.
They exchange their energy in different ways.
Law of conservation of energy.

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