Yenting Hsu: Fluid by Nature 自然的流動—許雁婷

Yenting Hsu: Fluid by Nature
Ric Spencer


Yenting Hsu was Asialink artist in residence at Fremantle Arts Centre during March, April and May in 2015. In Fremantle Yenting worked on her Sound Novel project, in which she explores sound as narration and the cultural effects on the perception of sound. Yenting spent much time walking around Fremantle, interviewing local residents and collecting pieces of Fremantle’s soundscape… the port, the cafes and the seaside.
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【嘉義聲音計畫】網站上線 Website of Chiayi Sounds

2008年底至2009年,嘉義縣居民或許有時候會遇到兩名機 車怪客,帶著錄音器材四處奔馳…。澎葉生 (Yannick Dauby)和許雁婷在嘉義縣共同合作建置聲音資料庫。這看來不太可能,野心也未免太大。不過我們試圖先畫出一個概略的綜 述,作為構建嘉義縣聆聽記憶的一 個範例,內容包括宗教、音樂、自然環境、地方產業、口述歷史、節慶活動等,設法在不同地域的地理文化脈絡裡找到些許聲音。

從田野調查、錄音、後製一直到建置聲音資料內容,許雁婷和澎葉生完全獨立作業,除了錄音,我們同時於大學、社區、書店等地方舉辦/參與一系列的工作坊、課 程演講以及聆聽會。2008年嘉義縣文化處開始了這個計畫,由獨立音樂廠牌大大樹音樂圖像承辦。原意是希望建置聲音資料庫,但此案在2009年結束後因為 種種原因停擺,而這些聲音尚未有一個適當的儲存空間,大眾無法聆聽到所有聲音採集成果。



During the end of 2008 and all the year 2009, the inhabitants of the different areas of Chiayi County in Taiwan could meet two unusual motorcycle riders, carrying microphones and recorders…
Yen-Ting Hsu and Yannick Dauby collaborated for building an archive various sounds of the region. This may look impossible and/or pretentious, but the intention was to make an overview, a sampling of what could constitute an auditory memory of Chiayi County. Religion, music, nature, local industry, oral history… The idea was to find a few sounds in each of the different geographical and cultural contexts.

Yen-Ting Hsu and Yannick Dauby worked in complete autonomy from the survey to the mastering and organization of database. Aside of the recording session Yannick and Yen-Ting proposed series of workshops, classes and listening sessions in universities, communities and bookshop. The Cultural Affairs of Chiayi County created this project which was held at that time by Treesmusic, folk music label who invited us. Due to some reasons, this project stopped in the end of 2009. Originally the aim of this project is to establish a sound archive, but for now the sounds still need a home and the public still don’t have access to the collection.


Feature by Art Radar Asia 專訪報導

Emerging Taiwanese sound artist addresses environmental issues

Art Radar recently interviewed Taiwanese sound artist Hsu Yen-Ting. Hsu discussed her latest project, inspired by the Cheng-Long wetlands of Taiwan, the importance of active listening and whether art can be used to raise awareness of pressing societal issues.

Hsu Yen-Ting was an artist in residence for the 2012 Cheng-Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in Taiwan. The theme of this year’s residency was “What’s for Dinner?” and chosen artists worked with those living in Cheng-Long, a tiny coastal village located in Taiwan’s Yunlin County, to produce site-specific artwork that responded to the environmental issues surrounding local food production. Taiwan-based American curator, artist and critic Jane Ingram Allen curated the exhibition, which is supported and administered by the Kuan-Shu Educational Foundation and Taiwan Forestry Bureau. In total, six projects were selected for the 2012 exhibition.

For her work Sounds Delicious, Hsu recorded sounds of the wetlands and intermixed them with local song-poetry to create a narrative history of the area, from its origins as a fishing village, its transition to an agricultural economy and then the return to seafood production, a cycle produced by shifting environmental conditions. Hsu presented her two sound pieces in separate rooms on an abandoned red-brick village home, bringing elements of mixed media installation into her sound art practice.

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