Waterland Solo Exhibition 水上樂園個展

Waterland 水上樂園 (2015)
Sand, Multi-channel Sound Installation沙, 多聲道裝置

Fremantle Arts Centre, West Australia 西澳
4-17 May, 2015


In our daily lives, do we take gifts such as the ocean for granted? This is the question explored by Taiwanese artist Yenting Hsu in her exhibition Waterland. In Australia as part of the Asialink Artist Exchange program, Hsu has created a multi-channel sound installation inspired by her time in Fremantle. The local connection to the ocean here differs greatly from her homeland, inspiring Hsu to examine the relationship between humans, the sea and the broader environment.

In Waterland, during the first week of exhibition, Hsu’s recordings of the ocean are played back in the gallery while visitors are encouraged to build sandcastles in the space. During the second week, visitors are not allowed to build sandcastles anymore. Only sandcastles , toys and sounds are there in the room of exhibition, they lonely exist there and are like historical remains. This playful, thought-provoking experience aims to encourage more attentive listening to our environment.